Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I have received many many requests from people asking what is Help! and what will it do. I must confess I love talking about Help! Magazine, and really enjoy answering this question :)

We created Help! Magazine with 2 basic premises. The first is to help enhance Second Life for all citizens; from the newest Resident to the oldest Veteran. Each month we will hightlight events and interview professionals in many different areas of Second Life. Including but not limited to Careers, Activities, and different Life-styles and Culteres in Second Life. Each month we will also highlight a Second Life Mentor with the assistance of the Mentor's Lounge. Mentors are the thoughtful, caring hands that have guided all of us at least once in our Second's Life. But for far too long, they have gone unrewarded.

The second reason for the creation of Help! Magazine is to assist the many Charitable Organizations who have an SL presence with a RL Focus. This month we have the privilege of working with Karuna Sim. This entire Sim is dedicated to devoted to HIV/AIDS education, research, and to the collection of stories by those dealing with HIV/AIDS. This wonderful sim is a celebration of Life. They work so hard, but they need so much help. They need donations to fund outreach programs and volunteers to offer peer support. They also have an entire Library that is equipped to answer any question you might have about HIV/AIDS and prevention.

Please visit and be inspired:

We plan to Launch the Magazine August 15, 2009! For more information please contact Kaitlin Peccable or T0Much Takacs. Thank you so much for reading our blog and to get the latest up to date information please join our In-world Group: Help! Magazine.